A Wedding Shower in New York

Wedding shower/luncheon in NYC for about 30 ppl?

Question by clyde: Wedding shower/luncheon in NYC for about 30 ppl?
Any ideas for a place for a wedding luncheon/shower in NYC? Fairly casual (in ambiance and price!). People are coming from Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, NJ, etc, so I want some place fairly convient for them all…. so esp by a train station would be great! But any ideas helpful!
(and by a good price I really am looking at $ 30/pp since most places in NY have a high room rental charge before you even factor in the food!)
I’m thinking northern Brooklyn is the most convient location wise.

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Answer by Phenonmenal Women
Use this girl ,she is a great planner and helped me and put me in touch with people that gave me a fabulous event.


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