How Much Do Wedding Planners Cost

How much did your wedding planner cost? (NY/NJ)?

Question by clarivocal: How much did your wedding planner cost? (NY/NJ)?
Hi recent and upcoming brides!

I’m looking to begin a wedding planning/consulting business, and I’m trying to get an idea of what the existing rates are in my area. My focus will be on North/Central Jersey and the NYC metro area.

If anyone out there used or is using a full service planner, a day-of coordinator, or anything in between, and is willing to share how much you were quoted for the service, it would be a great help to me in writing up my business plan.

Thank you, congratulations, and good luck with your weddings!!

Michal Parrington
Married August 23, 2009

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Answer by planner
i am a wedding planner but from virginia. your area is much more expensive but the planners in our area charge about 65 an hour. most have various package plans where the brides can choose to have a full service plan all the way to the day-of plan. most people charge about 10% of the total cost of the wedding with a minimum charge of 2000 for the full service plan. for the day-of plan, it depends upon how far before the service and how much after reception work must be done…like if you have to supervise cleanup after the reception or be there for the decorating and set up prior to the wedding but the minimum is normally 500 and goes from there.

hope that helps.

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