What to give a friend who has help me through my wedding process but is not part of my wedding party?

Question by ynra: What to give a friend who has help me through my wedding process but is not part of my wedding party?
I have a friend who is a manager in a catering hall. Because the hall i rented for the wedding is a “rent everything yourself” kind of hall I have had alot of questions and she has helped me with all my questions. Plus on the day of the wedding she is lending us her apartment so me and my bridesmaids could get ready in her home because she has a big apartment with balcany and that’s big here in nyc especially manhattan where we live. What can i give her to show her my gratitude for everything she has done for me in this wedding process?
thanks in advance

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Answer by Laneymom
I would either give her the same gift you are giving your bridesmaids, or maybe send her flowers the day after the wedding. (Of course, a personal thank you note too.)

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  1. see2211 says:

    Flowers, or a gift card would be a nice gesture. I think you should invite her to the rehearsal dinner as well. You could give her special recognition there as the ‘unofficial wedding planner’ that has helped contributed so much to your day.

    You are lucky to have such a great friend:)

  2. truefirstedition says:

    A personal gift would be appropriate. You might think about what she would enjoy, rather than what you’re doing for the bridesmaids. For example, your friend may like handbags, or antique books, or wine. Getting something that reflects her interests and tastes is the most thoughtful thing you can do.

    And because you’re a nice person, you’ll also give her a thank you card with a handwritten note in it, of course :)

  3. iluvluvluvlucy says:

    I think a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or to a day spa would be appreciated–something for her alone. She should be acknowledge at your rehearsal dinner or in your wedding program and at the reception. That is so sweet of her. Now you know who one of your true friends is!

  4. thischick says:

    i would get her the same gift as your bridesmaids, but make it a little specialer (kind of like she was your MOH)