Was This The Biggest Dream Wedding That Was Held In Ireland?

describe your dream wedding in detail?

Question by bee246: describe your dream wedding in detail?

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Answer by Sally
A simple, small wedding with the person I care about more than anything or anyone: the person I’d die just thinking of being alone without them.
And of course them feeling the same way.
But wedding’s aren’t about how big your cake is, or how many people are coming, it’s about promising your life, body, soul and heart to the the person your marrying too and them promising you the same.
Of course, a wedding isn’t a wedding if there’s no guy dressed as Spock.

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  1. Lynk_Squirm says:

    My dream trip to the depths of the ocean would definitely not include Johnny Depp! He is a silly goose when it comes to snorkeling, so it is quite obvious that chocolate birds are the more logical choice. As soon as the ice breaks when the Zamboni comes out though, I’ll take a stab Evgeni Plushenko to destroy the ones that appear in robots. His mechanical tongue has been known to create earthquakes to fight the evil invaders of Verizon Wireless Company.

  2. ★Anonymous★ says:

    Obviously, with my love :)

    But also, with the part of my family which is estranged, whom I think about often and miss dearly.

    Other than that, Canon in D fingerstyle on the guitar for the processional; the 80′s TV theme song for our entrance at the reception (hubby’s only request!) That I have the financial resources to literally spoil my guests– boxes of chocolate for favors (not like two little truffles), cigar station for the guys, strawberries floating in the champagne toast. A candy cookie and sweet stuff buffet for everyone. I would want my guests leaving with NO regrets that they spent the day in our company.

  3. Jesmo says:

    I am planning my dream wedding so I will describe it to you.

    Its 9 a.m and you just wake up and look over to the bed that is empty beside you because you know that he stayed at his mom’s last night cause you didnt want him to see you before the ceremony. You round up your bridesmaids and go to the place where the ceremony is held before any one else arrives. All the dresses are there in the bridal suit hanging not even worn yet but except to be tried on for a brief second for measurements. You slip on your dress strapless, ivory, thats big and poofy below the belly button and slip it on over your hose, and garter, when you look all around your bridesmaid are gossiping about the big day and everyone is touching up their hair and make up, When the ceremony finally does come around you can hear outside the door people being seated and everyone talking and laughter and you get butterflies in your stomach because you know that you are about to marry the love of your life.

    When you exit the suite its your turn to walk down the aisle and when you look into the room the lights are light up everywhere around the room but the overhead lights are dim and you see everyone you love standing in formation in baby blue and black suits and flowy dresses. The horn sounds to the traditional here comes the bride song and the room stands as your father (the real best man) takes you arm and arm and walks you down as everyone watches pass the flower droplets below your feet, pass the friends from work and high school to the alter and your father lets you go to the man you will be with to death do you part. When your finish saying your vowels and you kiss and you are pronounced to the room that you are Mr. Mrs and you finally after all this time feel completed. You walk out the door and into a horse and carriage that you specifically picked instead of a limo to take you away to your happily ever after.

    I hoped that helped?

  4. jess. says:

    My dream wedding wouldn’t have a budget, for starters. ;) The problem I have with picking and choosing is that I love so many different colors, and themes, and venues, that I have a hard time picking a style I’d like to represent at my wedding.
    My favorite, though:
    I’d have it in a huge, lush, grassy meadow, surrounded by tons of trees and flowers popping up out of the ground. In my perfect wedding, nobody would wear shoes or socks – there would be huge blankets spread around me and my future husband as we say our vows, for everybody to sit on – chairs are no fun! We’d have couches though, scattered on the grass, and bean bags, in case anyone couldn’t handle the ground. We would have a banquet table large enough for every last one of my guests, so we could all be sitting near one another for the gigantic feast. We’d have many dinner choices for everyone to choose from (vegetarian, steak, lobster), and a dessert table with takeaway boxes to fill on our guests’ depart. We’d have a dance party for the rest of the night, and be stocked full with a free bar so everyone can get silly together while we celebrate the choice and gift of love. ;) I’d love to be able to rent a nearby hotel, maybe a beachy-keen bed and breakfast, so everyone that wants to can stay without having to pay. I want guests to think of our celebration as a lifetime experience – sort of a vacation – from the stresses of their lives. I want everyone to be comfortable, happy, and have the time of their lives. They would go home still smiling.
    That’s my dream wedding. A hippy-happy-hoppy FUN celebration of love for everyone. :)

  5. globetrotter1 says:

    Hahaha AWESOME question lol!!! I’m actually in NZ but I’m going to pretend I’m in NY haha =) I just think New York is one of the coolest places in the world! Pre Warning: It’s a long story lol! Ok so this is my dream wedding in detail: Me and my fiance are both 25. I’m a wedding/event planner and he’s a lawer. Obviously my dream wedding has no budget lol! =) I’m a bit wedding obsessed lol so bare with me. I’ve typed it up a bit like a story of before, during, and after my wedding. I’ve also added something a little extra at the end lol.
    FRIDAY – It’s the night before the wedding and I’m at my parents apartment getting everything sorted and packing for the honeymoon. My sister and brother are there too, with my parents. They’ve all been helping me move stuff into the apartment that me and my fiance have bought to move into after the honeymoon. My fiance is at his parents house with his brother and sister, as we don’t want the groom seeing the bride before the wedding. My brother goes to my fiances parents house, he is one of his groomsmen (my fiances brother is his best man). They have booked the sports channel and got a load of pizza and beer. All his other groomsmen are there too. It’s like a stag party for just the bestman and groomsmen (no other male wedding guests). Meanwhile, my fiances sister (one of my bridesmaids) arrives at our place. I’m having a girls night in too. A sleepover, if you call it. The rest of my bridesmaids arrive. My sister (my maid of honor) pulls out the champaigne. Mine and my fiances parents have known each other since they were kids and are all best friends, so they’ve all gone to have a night out with dinner and a broadway show. Back at my girls night in, we’ve stocked up on DVDs and dessert. We order in chinese noodles from the noodle box takeaway, and sit watching chick flicks, reading magazines, eating noodles from the boxes, and drinking champaigne. Of course, most of the DVDs are about weddings or getting married (27 dresses, for example). We sit eating dessert out on the balcony, with the gorgeous view of NYC, and talk excitedly about my wedding, among everything else girls talk about =).
    SATURDAY – Finally, the long awaited wedding day arrives! We all go off to the Plaza Hotel, where we’ve booked a hotel suite. My beautiful Wedding Dress is laying on the bed in it’s zip bag. I hang it up carefully in the wardrobe, where the dresses for my maid of honor, flowergirl and bridesmaids are also hanging. My bridesmaids dresses are dark purple flowing dresses with spaghetti straps. My maid of honours dress is the same style, but the colour is more of a dark red. The flowergirl and the ringbearer will be dressed as mini bride and grooms. My cousin and his wife come by with their boy/girl twins to drop off my flower girl. They are five years old and are both very excited about having such a big part in the wedding. Then they go off to my fiances parents to drop off their son (the ringbearer). Time for the make-up and hair! We sit around in robes while having our make-up and hair done. Then it’s down to the hotel salon for a manicure, pedicure and massage. Back up to the hotel suite. My brother calls to tell me that they didn’t drink too much last night, so I shouldn’t worry. He says that my cousins son is having a great time getting dressed up in his mini tux and he’s looking after the rings with pride. He also says my fiance can’t wait to see me :) . My sister calls the florist to check up on things and to double check that they have the right flowers. Thankfully, everything’s going perfect! My parents arrive at the hotel to meet up with us. Time to get changed and then it’s off to the church for the ceremony. We get taken in a gorgeous white limo. My fiance, his best man, the five groomsmen, and the ringbearer are all standing up the front. There are 200 guests and they are all seated. 100 from my side, and 100 from his. His parents walk down the aisle, then my mother follows. The pianist starts the traditional “Here comes the Bride” as my five bridesmaids and my maid of honour walk down carrying their bouquets of red roses. Then, in I go, with my Dad, carrying my bouquet of white roses, silently telling myself not to start crying lol. Everyone turns. The look on my fiances face is priceless, I’ve never seen him so happy. My dress is simple and stunning. It has a sweetheart neckline and is long and flowing with detailed beading on the front of the dress. Again, I try not to cry during the vows. As the officiant announces we are husband and wife, the cheering erupts as we begin to kiss. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl! Time for the photos in the stunning Central Park ( where he proposed lol ;] ). After the photos, it’s back to the Plaza Hotel. Everyone heads down to the Grand Ballroom, where the reception is held. There is a cocktail hour. Time for the reception dinner. It’s a sit-down three course meal. There are choices available to suit everyones taste (vegetarian, pasta, se